Health Care Clinics

Health Care Clinics give employees the opportunity to schedule an individual appointment with our staff physician or physicians assistant to address acute illnesses or ongoing medical conditions. Our staff can diagnose and treat minor illnesses and injuries, as well as counsel patients about their ongoing medical conditions without having to leave their workplace.

How We BeneFIT You:

Our goal at Ertel & Company is to make things as easy and convenient for our partner clients and their employees, especially when it comes to scheduling an appointment. Our Health Care Clinics do just that— make it easy to schedule an appointment with a health care provider so employees can visit with her while at work, reducing absenteeism and putting their health at the forefront. These clinics can take place on-site or in a near site clinic. We have an established near site clinic off of I-69 at the 96th street exit in Fishers, IN. The Near Site Clinic can be used by your employees on an appointment only basis or your company can purchase blocks of time that are dedicated to your employees only. Health Care Clinics work best if they are an established, regularly occurring clinic where employees can depend on medical care for common illnesses on a weekly or monthly basis.

Benefits of a Near Site Health Care Clinic:

  • Preventative care becomes more of a focus for employees with the clinic being a visible, easily accessible form of health care
  • Absenteeism is reduced and productivity is increased as employees spend more time at work and less time at the doctor’s office
  • Increased employee retention and recruitment as well as increased employee morale
  • Employee’s health is improved as health risks become more consistently managed
  • Costs to build your own in-house clinic is unnecessary due to employee access to our Near Site Clinic
  • Medications can be dispensed at the clinic so there is no need to take time for an extra visit to the pharmacy
  • Reduces medical costs by redirecting care from expensive and time-consuming settings
  • No out of pocket expense occurs for the employees, becoming a tangible, attractive employee benefit

Health Care Clinic appointments can address issues such as:

  • High blood pressure management and medication adjustments
  • High cholesterol management with repeat lipid levels, liver functions, and medication adjustments
  • Blood glucose tests and Hemoglobin A1c tests if indicated
  • General chronic disease management
  • Counseling on diet issues related to elevated BMI
  • Tobacco cessation counseling with prescriptions if necessary
  • Diagnose, treat, and dispense prescriptions for common acute illnesses such sore throat, ear pain, cough, sinus congestion, pink eye, and bladder infections.
  • Treat minor wounds, abrasions, and skin conditions such as poison ivy, ringworm and acne
  • Other common illnesses or minor injuries
  • Perform screens and physical exams on new hires or employees who missed the original screening date

Our Health Care Clinics facilitate healthy lifestyle guidance and promote health and well-being in your company culture. Employees spend more time at work and less at the doctor’s office, which provides greater convenience for the employee and increased productivity for your company.