Your Health Risk Management

Health Risk Management (HRM) Means So Much More Than Wellness

We want your business to grow and succeed in any economy.  With health care costs at an all time high and with Health Care Reform here to stay, we know that with great challenges come great opportunities.  Enter our already proven model of combining Employee Benefits and Health Risk Management.

Let Us Help You With the Physical Wellness of Your Employees to Make You Fiscally Stronger.

Health Risk Management (HRM) is so much more than wellness.  It’s getting serious about the economics of health—promoting the health and wellness of your most important asset—your employees.  With much more time spent at the office—their jobs—their careers, it has become crucial for the success of your business to encourage and support healthy lifestyles for your employees as well as offering outstanding benefits.

Your BeneFIT Partner

At Ertel & Company, our HRM Program helps your company connect a healthy work environment with the ability to manage and reduce costs for your Employee Benefits plans.  As you browse through our website, below are just a few of the ways we can be Your BeneFIT Partner through our Health Risk Management Program:

  • Identifying health risks your employees are facing.
  • Designing a proactive personalized program that promotes health and wellness for your employees.
  • Providing an on-site preventive care and clinical service through the use of our mobile health and wellness unit.  We call it the Ertel Mobile BeneFIT Center.
  • Helping control your health care costs by proactively providing personalized solutions with proven outcomes.
  • Offering you years of wellness experience through our HRM professional staff.
  • Providing educational resources through seminars and other materials promoting health and wellness.

Let us partner with you to tailor the best Health Risk Management Program helping to control costs and increase productivity through innovative solutions.  Together we can help you and your employees have a healthier future both physically and fiscally.