The Ertel Story

Our Focus On the Future Is Based On a Strong History of Core Values

Since 1995, Ertel & Company has steadily grown into a trusted independent Employee Benefits and Health Risk Management partner throughout the entire state of Indiana.  In 2000 due to continued growth, the company moved its central office from Carmel, IN to Fishers, IN, where it’s located today.  Spurred by an investment in human capital and technology, the 2000s were a period of unprecedented and consistent growth of more than 250%. In 2014, we opened a near-site health care clinic to further serve our clients. The clinic is located off of I-69 at the 96th street exit in Fishers, IN.

The Perfect Combination
In 2006, the company realized its goal of helping our partner clients control employee benefit related costs by improving the health, well-being and fitness of their employees.  Dr. Amy Kiley Ertel laid the foundation of what would become our Health Risk Management (HRM) focus.  Cost reductions from HRM came in several areas by lowering health care claims, improving productivity, reducing absenteeism and being a key part of changing the overall culture of our partner companies to focus more on healthy and productive employees.  This collaboration of Employee Benefits and Health Risk Management has remained our focus still today.

Why We Serve You
In 2009, Ertel appeared for the first time at number 20 on the Indianapolis Business Journal’s (IBJ’s)” Top 25 Largest Indianapolis-Area Independent Insurance Agencies/Brokerages”. In 2012, continued investment in building our team and an unwavering commitment to innovation allowed us to grow to a ranking of 15 on IBJ’s Indianapolis-Area Independent Brokerages (ranked by premium for 2011). This was published as of the 10/1-1/7/2012 IBJ Publication. The accolades are tremendous, but it’s because we continue to strive to become one of the most trusted, most well-respected companies to do business with by delivering proven results.

We Focus On Today and the Future
For today and beyond, we will continue to partner with our clients and help them to create workplaces that offer outstanding benefits, environments that support healthy lifestyles and control costs through innovative solutions. At Ertel & Company, we intend to build upon our foundation of core values of integrity, accountability, innovation, excellence, health and fitness to become the clear choice in central Indiana for Employee Benefits and Health Risk Management.